I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years. Began my career capturing special family events such as weddings, baby and group portraits. I developed skills as a commercial photographer in NYC working for studios that produced photography for the advertising industry.

There was a time when I decided to open my own studio in NY on Long Island. The studio also housed a film processing lab and digital graphics department. Many of the corporate clientele would send me on location to different parts of the country to shoot for their annual report publications. I enjoy traveling, to experience different sites and meeting people.

Relocated to the beautiful state of North Carolina in 2008, and continued my photography concentrating on engagement, wedding, bridal, portrait and nature photography. Besides my portfolio on wedding photography on this website, I am proud to display my portfolio on nature photography.

Wedding Photography - it's a love to see people during a most joyous time. The language of pictures overshadow verbal communication. I am committed to capture the best possible images to cherish for a lifetime.


Andrea D.
"Our photographers Joe and Eric were great!! They were very professional and went above and beyond to research our church and venue before the actual day to look for special pictures to take. We actually got to meet Joe before and go over things we had wanted. I would definitely recommend them!!"

Sean J.
"Joe and Pete were were the best photographers anyone could ever ask for. They did such an excellent job, I didn't have to worry about a thing. Thank you Joe and Pete."

Sandra P.
"Joe, Thank you for the special care you displayed while taking our wedding pictures. We are so excited to see the results!"

Thank you SO much! We love all of your photos!!! They are more amazing than I ever could have imagined!!! I have literally never had such beautiful pictures taken in my life!!!