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"We realize that you may feel defeated and simply don't have the energy to reschedule all of the wedding things, but this is YOUR wedding—and you're not gonna let this pandemic get you down. You call the shots! Sure, it's going to look different: It may be much smaller, it may be during an off-season, or it may be in a totally different location, but the result will be the same: You will marry the love of your life and it will be meaningful and heartfelt and magical. Regardless of where or when." - Here Comes The Guide

JT2_5084Congratulations Jennifer and Derek!Congratulations Jennifer and Derek!
JT1_7333Lights Out. Club Style!Lights Out. Club Style!
This moment in time won't last forever. We will get through it. We will come out stronger. And we will all tell our grandkids about that crazy, character-building time we were all quarantined.

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The Games People Play at Weddings The Games People Play at Weddings

Keep your guests engaged and entertained during your wedding day’s downtime with wedding games. Offering wedding games to play can keep guests entertained while you and your wedding party are off being photographed.
Games such as:
Wedding Lawn Games
Wedding Table Games
Big Group Wedding Games
Wedding Games for Kids

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Some ideas:
Take advantage of beautiful weather and a gorgeous outdoor venue by kicking off the post-ceremony celebration with wedding lawn games. Yard games set up on the grass for couples or groups are fun to play.
When the guests are seated for dinner, there can be a lot of downtime before food is served or before tables are called to the buffet. Ward off hunger and awkward moments by providing  wedding table games to encourage your guests to mingle and have fun.

JT2_2142JT2_2142 JT1_2846JT1_2846
When you want more than just guests from each reception table to interact, bring in the entire group with wedding games to please the masses like The Wedding Shoe Game.
-This is where the bride and groom are seated in chairs back to back. Shoes are removed so that the groom holds one of his own and one of the bride’s, and vice versa for the bride. Either the DJ or a member of the wedding party reads the questions out loud for the entire reception group to hear. In response, the couple raises the shoe of the person who the answer to the question best represents. Embarrassing questions allowed all in good fun.

JT1_2777JT1_2777 JT1_2884JT1_2884
Wedding Games for Kids-Don’t forget about the little ones at your wedding! Not only do they bore easily, but sitting still during ceremonies and dinners can lead to antsy pants.

Set up a wedding games area just for them or pack their table with wedding games and fun activities to keep them entertained.

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Why Do We Have Fun at Weddings? Weddings are so much fun because we are engaging in activities that naturally make us happy.

Music, food, dancing and talking about love make us happy. It is a powerful combination!
Gather a group of people, who are joyful and an incredible energy is created that is healing and generates positive feelings that radiate among those who are there. FB-1972FB-1972

Often when you go to a wedding, 90%-100% of people there, WANT to be there, and are happy to celebrate the couple’s big day.

Music can liven up anyone’s spirit and weddings are full of fun music. You don’t even have to be a good dancer, and you are still welcome to get out on the floor and enjoy!
FB-2109FB-2109Wedding Fun FB-2109FB-2109Wedding Fun

For families and friends who live long distances apart, it’s heartwarming to get together and catch up.

Drinks and free food that most weddings offer is helpful in getting the fun going as well. Who doesn’t enjoy a free meal? And have a couple drinks with friends is usually a good time!

Weddings are about love. And the expression of that love on the big day is infectious. It puts us in a good mood, so no matter what kind of wedding the couple may be having, you almost can’t help but have a good time, because it’s hard to be unhappy around so much love.

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Andrea and Pat's Wedding Highlights Here is a slideshow of some Andrea and Pat's Wedding Highlights.

A great couple and fun loving family. I had a terrific time with them that day.

Wedding Highlights - click here

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Hit The Road Hit the Road

It's always fun traveling to a new destination wedding.

I get to experience scenic locations that are waiting to be photographed.
No matter what means of travel, it's an adventure that usually includes the anticipation of meeting the bride and groom for the first time.
Although I speak with them via phone prior to the wedding day, I am looking forward to coming together in person, and engaging with their bridal party and guests.
I come prepared knowing the best route to take, and allowing enough time to scout out the area and venue. Online technology has come a great way to help determine the best time to travel as well as supplying information and previews of the location.

location1Beach Wedding DestinationWith the help of Google Maps, can preview location.
With the help of Google Maps, can preview beach wedding location.

Traffic and weather condition apps are a must. If needed, I secure a hotel the day before and after the wedding.
Arriving early is crucial. I can physically walk thru seek out the best photo opportunities in the area before the start time. Mapping out the logistics and detailed timing of my movement is choreographed in my mind.
There is so much that one can plan for wedding day photography. Sometimes the unexpected arises. Taking photos at a park, beach or somewhere outside is terrific. An unpredictable weather condition may appear. "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". Making the best of this event, can be fun. If it starts to rain, we can quickly take the umbrella out and do a falling rain photo with the bride and groom. Then, continue with photos inside the venue. Unforeseen surprises can be captured and help shape memories of your special wedding day.

On the trip home, I usually reflect on that day's celebration. In my mind's eye, I try to picture the newlyweds years from now, admiring the memories I captured.

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Children at the Wedding Children at the Wedding

Kids are a blessing. And at a wedding they are entertaining, surprising, uninhibited and they usually incite the "aww how cute" factor. They are the perfect subjects for candid photos. Honest in their demeanor, children make wonderful expressions on their faces that can be comical, quirky or just plain innocent. A joy to capture.

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Getting Ready or Prep Photos with Joe Tese' Photography Getting Ready or Prep Photos

Your wedding day comes and goes so quickly. That's why preparation is key. Allowing enough time for these photos taken before the ceremony is crucial.
Most of your wedding photos will be taken during the ceremony and reception, However, the time leading up to the main event is an important part of your wedding day story.
Emotions are running high while everyone is getting dressed and beautified and all of that anxious energy can equate to some amazingly intimate photographs. Now's also the time to capture those little details that you took the time to plan, such as your invitations, bouquets, and more.
I like to allow one hour of shooting time for this to take place.

Take a look at this list of picture ideas you might want to include in your Prep Photos:

  • The Invitation
  • Rings
  • Details (shoes, earrings, jewelry)
  • Bouquet
  • Glam Squad (getting hair and makeup done)
  • The Dress
  • All Dolled Up (you in your dress)
  • Bride with Bridesmaids




What About the Groom?

Where a bride’s getting-ready photos are usually considered a must-do, the groom’s moments are just as special and equally deserving of a photographer's full attention. Here, are reasons why groom prep magic should be added to your wedding day shot list.

Photos clicked while the groom is getting ready are genuine, and are candid snapshots of the moments before the big “I DO”.
Groom prep is one of the main reasons I recommend hiring a second wedding photographer for the big day. This will allow the main photographer to capture the bride’s precious moments while a second photographer leads the groom prep photography.
Photos just before the groom is completely ready, like straightening his tie, fastening cufflinks or pinning the boutonniere are classically handsome and might be favorite portraits for years to come.
Groom prep is a great time to capture the dynamic of the groom and his groomsmen. It’s the uniqueness of the groom’s relationship with his closest friends and family that is captured so beautifully in these moments. Portraits of the groom, dressed in his suit or tux, waiting for the big moment and enjoying the company of his closest ones are extremely endearing. Also, photos with family members, brought in to help with preparations, are sentimental and so special!


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