Getting Ready or Prep Photos with Joe Tese' Photography

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Getting Ready or Prep Photos

Your wedding day comes and goes so quickly. That's why preparation is key. Allowing enough time for these photos taken before the ceremony is crucial.
Most of your wedding photos will be taken during the ceremony and reception, However, the time leading up to the main event is an important part of your wedding day story.
Emotions are running high while everyone is getting dressed and beautified and all of that anxious energy can equate to some amazingly intimate photographs. Now's also the time to capture those little details that you took the time to plan, such as your invitations, bouquets, and more.
I like to allow one hour of shooting time for this to take place.

Take a look at this list of picture ideas you might want to include in your Prep Photos:

  • The Invitation
  • Rings
  • Details (shoes, earrings, jewelry)
  • Bouquet
  • Glam Squad (getting hair and makeup done)
  • The Dress
  • All Dolled Up (you in your dress)
  • Bride with Bridesmaids




What About the Groom?

Where a bride’s getting-ready photos are usually considered a must-do, the groom’s moments are just as special and equally deserving of a photographer's full attention. Here, are reasons why groom prep magic should be added to your wedding day shot list.

Photos clicked while the groom is getting ready are genuine, and are candid snapshots of the moments before the big “I DO”.
Groom prep is one of the main reasons I recommend hiring a second wedding photographer for the big day. This will allow the main photographer to capture the bride’s precious moments while a second photographer leads the groom prep photography.
Photos just before the groom is completely ready, like straightening his tie, fastening cufflinks or pinning the boutonniere are classically handsome and might be favorite portraits for years to come.
Groom prep is a great time to capture the dynamic of the groom and his groomsmen. It’s the uniqueness of the groom’s relationship with his closest friends and family that is captured so beautifully in these moments. Portraits of the groom, dressed in his suit or tux, waiting for the big moment and enjoying the company of his closest ones are extremely endearing. Also, photos with family members, brought in to help with preparations, are sentimental and so special!



Brenda Jones(non-registered)
I agree, the prep time for my own wedding was so needed. I also felt a calm knowing that there was enough time for the photographer to capture the details I worked so hard to create like the invitations, bouquet, hair, makeup, shoes etc.
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