So Much of You Within the Design of Your Wedding

I know how much thought you put into every little detail. A great array of flower choices awaited you at the florist, and you painstakingly choose just the right ones. You thought intensely on your invitations and wondered about just the right colors from the bridesmaid dresses, to the napkins and table centerpieces. And, so much time and care you took selecting your wedding dress! This memorable day will show that you are a woman who knows how to choose well, and it is reflected in the proud face of your best choice, your husband to be. He is a man who knows he has won a charming and extremely talented woman of excellence. All of this I see through my lens, determined that all you gave of yourself will never be forgotten. It all will be highlighted by the experience and skill I bring to both of you.

You will be surprised how swiftly the day you have long awaited will come and go. One thing is for certain, as you see me with my camera you can rest easy knowing that the images captured will soon be ready to be relived again and again. From our first encounter you will find me to be a good listener and very willing to hear your vision. I understand that every wedding is a unique reflection of the love you and your groom share. As we communicate ideas, I am already living it with you. Each wedding surely has those unexpected moments that are truly an added blessing of the day. I am eager to capture them. I envision your enthusiasm when you revisit your wedding day though my eyes.

Joe Tese'